Jason Brown - I developed a neuroma at the start of 2020 and it was just killing me. So I wore my athletic shoes, even at work. Good, more rigid athletic shoes, with a little rocker and then these at home because they had enough arch support and enough cushion to where my forefoot didn't flex.

And after about two months I started feeling better and luckily I haven't felt it, knock on wood. So I kind of dealt with my own neuroma through self-diagnose and my own research. What do you do for your patients with neuromas? What do you recommend? How do you take care of it?

Dr. Rion Berg - Well, funny that the shoe store owner should have a neuroma because this podiatrist's got a neuroma. I've got that feeling of a sock wadded up in the ball of my foot and even some of the socks, like good compression socks, you know, compressed the neuroma.

How to Relieve Neuroma Pain at Home

how to lace your shoes with a neuromaOne simple thing to do is to skip the laces at the bottom of your shoe. That's one quick step.

The things you mentioned are also important.

  • wearing open, wider shoes when you can
  • pulling your sock a little bit away from the end of your foot so it doesn't compress as much.
  • avoiding putting anything on the inside of your shoe that can jam your foot forward-even orthotics can do it.

Dr. Rion Berg - I think you bring up good points about how to at least go about the basics of giving relief. I think one last comment on that though, is you do have a tremendous selection of over the counter supports here. Do some of those have a little bit of a metatarsal pad on them?

Jason Brown - Yes, definitely a metatarsal pad. It's placed at the metatarsal arch that goes just behind the ball of the foot. It can relax and spread out the toes. We have several different types, everything from softer to more rigid with metatarsal pads. We also have ones that can be stuck on. So if someone likes one of our supports that doesn't come with the metatarsal pad, we can apply one. It's not an exact science. So we advise people on how to do that. But yeah, definitely a lot of different arch supports to go into shoes and all of our shoes have removable foot beds. So you can put these or custom arch supports into them.

Dr. Rion Berg - That metatarsal pad is another early step with over the counter support that can help alleviate symptoms of Morton's neuroma.

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