Now that summer is officially here, you're pretty bummed out. You've tried everything you can think of to stop the pain, burning and tingling sensation under the ball of your foot. You want to be out there walking and running but the pain just seems to be getting worse.

Does it also feel like you're walking on pebbles? If so, you more than likely have a neuroma. Neuromas occur more commonly in women than men. Morton's neuromas are the most frequent kind of neuroma and are caused by an enlargement of a bundle of nerves that run between the 3rd and 4th toes. You more than likely feel more pain between these toes than other locations of your foot.


  • high heels shoes or other shoes that cause constriction of the toes and nerves in the forefoot
  • repetitive stress to the ball of the foot from running or other sports activities
  • wonky foot mechanics e.g. people with flat feet are more likely to get a neuroma

So What Can Be Done?

If you come to see me (Dr. Rion Berg) at my office here are some of the things I'll recommend after I do a complete evaluation and determine the cause.

  • Reduce the swelling and inflammation by treating with ice, anti-inflammatory medications, and by changing out your shoes to provide more room for your toes to move around. If you wear heels, I'll ask you to stop wearing them.
  • Use padding to reduce pressure on the nerves. However, if you have a condition such as flat feet, heel pain, or bunions you likely have faulty foot mechanics. The neuroma will best be treated through prescriptive orthotics to correct the foot structure causing the pressure on the nerve.
  • Another great way to get rid of the problem at its core is through alcohol injections. Ultrasound guided injections of alcohol done over a specified period of time have been extremely successful in shrinking the nerve that causes the pain.
  • Finally MLS laser, a revolutionary treatment for foot pain, is used to treat neuromas.

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