An 85 mph pitch to the top of the right foot was all it took to take Seattle Mariners designated hitter Nelson Cruz out of the game in the fourth inning on Tuesday against the Rangers. Unable to bear any weight on his foot, doctors ruled it a contusion.

Although not as serious as a fracture or sprained ankle, contusions can be extremely painful and can take a while to heal.  

Fortunately in Cruz's case he won't be out for long. But poor Cruz has not been having an easy year when it comes to lower leg injuries. Just this past March he twisted his right ankle after slipping on the dugout steps.

What is it?

A contusion is sustained in sports by a direct hit or repeated hits from a blunt object such as a baseball to any part of the body. The muscle fibers under the skin are damaged but there is no break in the skin.

What are the symptoms?

Contusions cause swelling, pain, and torn blood vessels (blue/purple bruise occurs). As in Cruz's case, walking can be initially difficult due to weakness and stiffness of the muscle.

What to do?

If someone in your family sustains a contusion from a sport's injury it's important to bring them in to a Seattle podiatrist as soon as possible to ensure there is no extensive damage and to rule out any breaks. If you happen to be at the location when the contusion occurs then it's important to initiate the RICE protocol. RICE stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. This should continue for the first 24-48 hours to keep down swelling and pain.

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