Gobble Gobble Day May Not Be Good for Those With Gout
By Dr. Rion Berg
November 25, 2014
Category: foot care
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As Thanksgiving approaches many of us are already starting to salivate just thinking about eating turkey, stuffing, yams, and other holiday treats. Although some traditional fare is fine to eat for people with gout, other foods high in purines may trigger a painful gout attack.

Feet are often the first place gout sufferers feel the pain due to buildup of uric acid. According to the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons the big toe is particularly vulnerable since it’s the coolest part of the body and uric acid is sensitive to temperature changes.

Men tend to develop gout more often than pre-menopausal women but after menopause women’s risk approaches that of men. High blood pressure and diabetes can also can also make it more likely to develop it.

Because we live in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest we are likely to find seafood as well as turkey on our holiday table.  Mussels, scallops and tuna are among the foods high in purines. Other foods to avoid or minimize are red meat, particularly organ meats like liver, red wine and beer, and drinks containing fructose. Gout triggers can vary from person to person so learning your own triggers is important. On Thanksgiving and at other times be sure to drink plenty of water since it helps remove uric acid from your body.

Besides controlling your diet, there are medications that can block the production of uric acid and can improve uric acid removal.

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