Bunion Surgery Maybe, Cinderella Surgery No
By Dr. Rion Berg
April 28, 2014
Category: Bunions
Tags: bunions   bunion surgery  

Some wealthy women are flocking to podiatrists in Beverly Hills and Manhattan to obtain weird sounding foot surgeries such as the “Cinderella Surgery”, a “Model T”, and a “Foot Tuck” so they can wear the fashionable shoes they crave. As a podiatrist that has a more conservatory approach to care, I can’t even imagine reconstructing toes so that my patients can wear a pointy pair of Jimmy Choos or increase the fat pad in patient’s feet so they can more easily wear high heels.

Although it would likely be the rare person in Seattle who would want that, many of these women are also asking for bunion surgery which is something I will do but only if we’ve tried other modalities to correct the problem.

Relieving pain from bunions has little to do with fitting into the perfect shoe, but being able to fit into any shoe without pain. If you have bunions it is most likely a result of having a foot structure that puts you at greater risk for this painful condition. Of course wearing tight shoes and high heels can cause them to progress, so if you’re still doing that I’d recommend that you cease and desist.

When I work with patients with bunions I have two primary goals. One is to reduce pain and pressure and two is to stop it from getting worse.

Methods I use to help you include:

  • Using special padding to eliminate friction and reduce inflammation you experience when wearing shoes and walking.
  • Eliminating corns and calluses
  • Recommending foot wear that will stop the progression (I’ll be doing a shoe shopping event at Nordstrom this weekend to help women find the shoe that works best for them)
  • Custom orthotics to help align your foot to the proper position
  • Bunion surgery only if necessary

I love helping patients of all ages overcome their problems with bunions. If you’ve been experiencing the pain of bunions for too long and you’re not just trying to fit into the latest fashion call us at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City at 206-368-7000. You can also request an appointment online.