teen with bunionsWe often think of teens as having carefree lives, untroubled by the pain that many of us experience as we get older. But when it comes to feet, teens can develop many of the same problems adults do.

Bunions are one of the foot problems that can cause teens to limit their activity.  Teen bunions are typically genetic. If you're the parent of a teen with bunions and you have bunions then you know this is true. Very likely your mother or someone in your family tree also had them. In teens, bunions are almost always the result of a structural foot problem and often begin as a result of developmental or pediatric flat foot.

Although we all have flat feet as babies and toddlers most of us will develop an arch by four or five. If we don't, we'll have flat feet for the rest of our lives putting us more at risk for bunions, hammertoes, and plantar fasciitis.

Teens bunions can worsen as the result of wearing poor footwear such as sky high heels. 

Treatment of Bunions in Teens

The earlier bunions are treated the better. Since the problem is a structural one, bunions are treated using a variety of devices that correct the structure to reduce pain and prevent bunion progression. Some of the devices used by this Seattle podiatrist include:

  • toe spacers
  • splints for nighttime wear
  • orthotics

In addition to using devices to prevent bunions from progressing, teens need to avoid wearing high heels. Shoes should also have a toe box that allows freedom of movement.

Surgery should only be considered as a last resort since teenage feet are still developing.

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