Women holding her footSummertime is walking and hiking time. But for people with bunions the thought of stepping out to do anything active can be fraught with worry. If you're one of those people you already know how painful it can be to do any activity that means putting pressure on your bunions.

Here are 3 hacks to keep your bunions from ruining your summer.

1. Wear Sturdy, Supportive Sandals

While they won't solve your bunion problems, wearing a sturdy, supportive sandal with adjustable straps can help make your summer more enjoyable.

Why sturdy and supportive? If you're like many people with bunions, you probably have a flatter arch or no arch. Supporting the arch is important to prevent your bunions from getting worse. A sturdy sandal is one that can't easily be bent in half or twist. Sandals like these can be used to walk and sometimes hike longer distances while preventing ankle sprains and foot pain.

Sandals that fit this description are the Ecco Yucatan sandal, Atika Maya, or Chaco Z2 Classic. There are many other sandals that can work just as well. Learn to test any sandal before you buy it, by watching my video "How to Test Any Shoe for Stability".

2. Wear Sandals That Can Take An Orthotic

Many of my patients get pain relief once their foot mechanics are corrected with a custom orthotic. While orthotics fit into most tennis shoes not that many can fit into sandals. Here are some sturdy, supportive sandals with removable foot beds.

3. Avoid High Heels

Wearing high heels no matter how sturdy will cause more bunion pain and cause your bunions to get worse. If you can't avoid a high heel, wear one with a roomier toe box.

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