You're in your 20s or 30s and at this point you'd do anything to stop the horrible pain caused by your bunions. You're tired of being on the sidelines when you're friends are having the time of their life. You'd love to run, go dancing, and just enjoy life without having to stop midway because of the excruciating pain.

You've scoured the internet and you've found some toe separators and booties that look like they'll help. You buy them and when you're wearing them they do seem to take the edge off. Hurray!

So What's the Problem? They Will Not Stop Your Bunions From Progressing

You may be wondering, how did I get bunions in the first place? The answer is simple--your foot type! Specific foot types such as flat feet are inherited from your parents and can set you up for this painful condition.  If you take a look at your mother's feet or your grandmothers you'll very likely see bunions like yours, but much worse. Unfortunately over time bunions do progress.

How to Stop the Pain and Progression of Bunions

  • Limit or avoid high heels. High heels place more of your weight over the balls of your feet and toes. This pressure will cause your bunions to progress.
  • Stop wearing shoes that are pointy or too tight. Again, the pressure placed on your toes will cause your bunions to get worse.
  • Go to a Seattle podiatrist who specializes in bunion care. In mild cases the goal is to decrease patient discomfort with padding, toe separators, or a gel bunion cushion that provides relief from shoe pressure.
  • For more intermediate cases, your podiatrist might recommend orthotics which can alter the biomechanics of your feet, putting them in the correct position lessening the pressure from your bunions.
  • Although it won't necessary stop progression, special exercises for your toes can help maintain joint mobility, preventing arthritis and stiffness.
  • Sometimes bunions have progressed so much in someone who is young that life has become unbearable. At that point bunion surgery may be the best solution.

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