Having trouble finding shoes to fit your feet and accommodate your bunions? You won't have to wait too much longer. New technology out of Europe is ready to turn the shoe world on its head.

DemoShopInstantShoe has been developing an instant, in-store process to create high-end, fashionable, and ergonomic shoes since July 2013. Reminiscent of the materials in a memory foam bed, they may stop bunions and other foot problems in their tracks.

How does it work? Women select the shoe they want to purchase, get their feet measured with a portable scanner, and then a special machine called Shoptool shapes the shoes to their exact foot specifications.

Don't like the shoe after it's molded to your feet? No problem. Apparently, the shoes can be restored to their original shape through a heating process. It might even be possible to return the shoes to get remolded if your feet change.

I can really see this being a boon to parents who need to buy new shoes for their kids every year, but that might be pretty far into the future.

Expense is likely a big consideration in purchasing these shoes due out by the end of the year. But you've got to start somewhere. Computers were super expensive at one time too.

As a Seattle podiatrist I'm pretty excited about this new product that aims not only to prevent bunions, but hammertoes, ingrown toenails, and other toes problems as well.

Of course, if you're having problems with your feet now, please don't wait to get out of pain.

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