cold weather can worsen bunion painAre you struggling more with your bunions since the weather's turned colder? If you said yes, that's not surprising since the weather dictates what types of shoes you wear.

So while you may do just fine during the warmer months when you might run around barefoot, wear sandals or other shoes that can help you avoid the pain from your bunions, there's really no way to get around wearing shoes with closed toes.

Bunions are most often caused by an inheritable foot type and are exacerbated by wearing tight shoes and high heels. Flat feet are the foot type that most often leads to bunions. Overpronation (foot rolling inward) causes causes the the big toe to move toward the smaller toes causing the large bump on the side of the foot.

What can be done?

Change your footwear

Changing your footwear can certainly make a difference in the pain you feel from your bunions and reduce their progression. Make sure that your shoes are the right size and have a large toe box. Other shoe characteristics that work well are those with softer leather or cloth which prevent rubbing. In addition, eliminating high heels or shoes that don't give your feet enough room at the toe can help slow down the progression.

Correct your foot mechanics

As mentioned above many people with bunions have flat feet and tend to pronate or roll their foot inwards as they walk, run, or participate in other activities. Custom made orthotics can correct your foot mechanics so that you'll walk correctly and greatly reduce bunion pain.


Bunion surgery is always the last route I'll will take to eliminate your bunion pain. Some patients who opt for surgery have suffered for many years with their bunions and walking has become extremely difficult.  However, I've also treated younger people who have developed bunions early in life and want to live a life free from pain.

Whatever stage your bunions are at we can help.

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