Victoria Beckman was spotted wearing flat shoes for perhaps the very first time according to the British paper the Mirror. She was seen gadding about in the Big Apple after unveiling her new clothing collection at New York’s Fashion week. She plans to start designing shoes, even flats she admitted and that’s enough for any podiatrist to start celebrating.

After blogging about her high heels and her bunions it’s great to know that this tower of fashion is finally doing something sensible for women’s feet.

Now I know my patients are still going to want to wear high heels on occasion, but when one considers all the pain that wearing them constantly creates, you might want to start thinking like Victoria or at the very least copying her newest sense of fashion.

What Can Wearing Lower Heels Do For You?

Wearing shoes with lower heels and a larger toe box can really help when you’re prone to getting bunions; less pressure on your feet will slow down the worsening of bunions that inevitably occurs. Lower heels can also prevent other painful foot conditions.

  • A lower heel will keep your Achilles tendon from shortening up and thereby preventing the development of heel pain or plantar fasciitis.
  • Lower heels also prevent the worsening of hammertoe; this condition can result when toes have been forced into a cramped position which often happens with high heels.
  • You’ll be much more stable in a lower heel; many a celebrity has been documented falling with high heels as the culprit.

I’ll continue to monitor what Victoria is up to as the year goes by. We’ll see if continues to wear flats or not. Meanwhile, if you have bunions and you’re concerned about pain, you can start wearing a lower heel. I also recommend you visit a podiatrist to evaluate your condition and get you out of pain.

Happy Valentines Day!

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