Have you developed pain in the ball of your foot that has come on suddenly?

Many of my patients come in the door and tell me that their pain has just come on in the last few days and they weren't necessarily running, hiking, or doing anything different than their normal daily activities. And they wonder why is this happened.

Pain in the ball of the foot is located where the toe bones join the metatarsal bones. It can occur in one spot or all across the ball of the foot. Most commonly it's very localized to one area.

There are many causes of pain in the ball of the foot in terms of the exact diagnosis. But the first step is evaluating the foot to determinate where it is and whether any specific activity has contributed to it.

Some of the things that can contribute to it are:

  • athletic activities
  • the amount of time you're on your feet
  • types of shoes you're wearing
  • mechanical instability of the foot
  • tight calf muscles.

Once we establish the diagnosis, we can apply a treatment that will relieve your pain immediately. Afterwards we can design a program to help prevent its recurrence. . Remember, pain in the ball of your foot is not normal. Early evaluation and treatment can help resolve your foot pain quickly.

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Dr. Rion Berg
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