Our patient has a diagnosis of Morton's neuroma. A painful condition in which the nerve is essentially pinched in the bottom of your foot. It's similar to a carpal tunnel syndrome in the han. Once the nerve is pinched, it becomes larger, inflamed, and unfortunately does not go away by itself.

Treatment over the years has consisted of everything from cortisone shots to surgical intervention and more recently alternative forms of treatment in which alcohol is injected to decrease the inflammation of the nerve.

How MLS Laser Therapy Works to Treat Morton's Neuroma

Most recently, the MLS laser was developed for treatment of inflammation and pain throughout the human body, in which two different wavelengths of light, one at a wavelength that is pulsed and reduces pain, and one that reduces inflammation. Together, they synchronize to get the maximum benefit from this non-invasive treatment. The laser light penetrates through the tissues deep into the foot. The laser works by hitting pain receptors and reducing pain, and also by directly affecting the cell's ability to repair itself. The laser treatments are short and for a condition such as a neuroma, it is likely that approximately nine treatments would be needed to reduce that painful inflammation in the bottom of the foot non-surgically.

So if you're having pain that might be consistent with Morton's neuroma, come in for an evaluation, and let's see if MLS laser is for you.

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