Are you plagued with pain in the ball of your foot? Pain in the ball of the foot, bottom aspect at the base of your toes, may simply be due to a problem with the shoes you wear, amount of hours you're on your feet, or the exercise that you're doing that lands on the ball of your foot. Discomfort here that fades away by the next day and only comes on with extensive use is one thing. But if you've developed fairly sudden onset of pain at the base of one toe, particularly at the base of the second toe, this discomfort may be a prelude to a much greater problem.

Symptoms of Capsulitis

When this area is inflamed, on the bottom of the joint in the ball of your foot, we call that capsulitis. The capsule of the joint consist of the tissues that join the two bones together. If you've developed intense pain at the base of the second toe, it may also be accompanied with this sign, a separation between your second and third toes.

In addition, the second toe may be elevated as well as moved over toward the great toe. Pain can become constant throughout the day, no matter what your activity level is. And it's an early warning sign that the tissues may be on their way to tearing.

Treating Capsulitis

You need to get off this kind of foot immediately and contact the office so that we may evaluate you and decide the best program of treatment for this problem. If you've developed intense pain, in the early stages, it may be treated by a simple taping and then using a splint that can be worn in a regular shoe.

If the pain becomes more intense than that it might require a short period in a walking boot. Once the inflammation in the foot is reduced then treatment can be aimed at the long-term solution, which often relates to controlling or improving the balance of the foot mechanics.

If you've developed pain in the ball of your foot that's sudden and intense and not just a gradual fatigue related to the amount of time you're on your feet, come into the office. Let's get this problem solved and prevent serious foot problems. 

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