capsulitis treatment in north seattleAre you plagued with pain in the ball of your foot? Pain in the ball of the foot at the base of your toes may be due to several factors; the type of shoes you're wearing, the number of hours you're on your feet, or the exercise you're doing.

If discomfort in this area of your foot does not fade away by the next day and is persistent you may have capsulitis. Keep reading to learn how we treat capsulitis in our North Seattle office.

What Is Capsulitis?

If you've developed sudden onset of pain at the base of your second toe this discomfort may be a prelude to a much greater problem. When this area on the bottom of your joint in the ball of your foot is inflamed we call this capsulitis.

The capsule of the joint is the tissue that joins the toe bones to the metatarsal bone or forefoot. If you've developed intense pain at the base of your second toe it may also be accompanied by a separation between your second and third toe. In addition, the second toe may be elevated in a claw-like manner as well as moved over toward the big toe. Pain here is often constant throughout the day no matter what your activity level. This is an early warning sign that the tissues may be on their way to tearing.

What to Do When You Have These Symptoms

If you're experiencing these symptoms you need to get off of your foot immediately and make an appointment with a podiatrist.

Capsulitis Treatment in North Seattle 

If you've developed this intense pain in the early stages it may be treated by taping the affected joint and using a splint that can be worn in a regular shoe. For acute pain, patients may also receive a shot of cortisone to reduce the inflammation and pain.

If the pain becomes more intense, a short period in a walking boot is often required. Once the inflammation in the foot is reduced then treatment can be aimed at balancing foot mechanics. The most effective way to achieve this is through custom orthotics. It's also important to avoid high heels and other ill-fitting shoes as they can be contributing factors in developing capsulitis.

If you've developed pain in the ball of your foot that's sudden and intense, come into the office so we can get this problem resolved early and avoid the need for surgery.

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