If you have high arches, you may be likely to develop problems in your feet, in three places. In the heel, in the ball of the foot here, or right in the middle. Over time, the arch of your foot can become arthritic.

How to Treat High Arches At Home

Add An Over-the-Counter Arch Support

Well, one of the key problems is that shoes aren't made to match the high arched foot. Largely shoes, even with good support, don't have that much arch support in them. So the first thing you can do is at least add an over-the-counter arch support, like Superfeet or PowerStep. So you have something coming up in the middle. As soon as you do that, you'll begin to take weight off the heel and off the ball. You can also purchase an over-the-counter support that has a metatarsal pad that pushes up just behind the ball of the foot to take pressure off of that area. 

Buy Shoes With Good Shock Absorption

Number two, you need to have shoes that have good shock absorption. When you have high arches, you can look at the bottom of a shoe you've had for a while, and you're probably going to see wearing in the ball of the foot. So having shoes that have a hard outer sole or a thin sole, as in dress shoes or heeled shoes, is going to put a lot of extra stress in the ball. So for that, you want shoes that have good shock absorption. This is called the good mid-sole. In between the outer and the inner part of the shoe, there's got to be a good shock absorption.

Go See Your Podiatrist

And number three, if you've done all of that and you develop pain in the middle of the foot, this indicates a need to come in. X-rays need to be taken to determine if their is arthritis in the middle of the foot. In this case, then we may need to move on to prescriptive supports for your feet.

o in summary, if you have high arches, it may sound great to have good arches, but it can create as much trouble as a flat foot in the heel, the ball and the middle.

Dr. Rion Berg
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