So I came in to see Dr. Berg when I had a bone spur on my foot. It had been there for several years, but I decided I finally needed to do something about it because it was getting to be painful.

Everyone was very professional, very sociable, very nice. Dr. Berg has the most professionalism and bedside manner that I've ever seen. I just felt really comfortable and really safe in my decision to come here.

Coming in here, I'd check in, sit down, be seated within five minutes. Dr. Berg would be in there within another five minutes. We get all the details hammered out, decide what we're gonna do and everything went really quickly. Dr. Berg is really, really intelligent, very well-versed in his knowledge.  I studied sports medicine for two years, and so we'd go back and forth on what he would tell me what it is, and then we'd go back on terminology, it was really fun.

Results of Bone Spur Surgery

My stitches, my surgery, everything went flawlessly. I have nothing but great things to say. Just the whole experience was so rewarding. It was definitely, I would... I mean, if I had a bone spur on my left foot again, I do it again. I actually do a bone spur on my right foot, so I will be coming back here to get that taken care of. I stopped wearing my walking boot two weeks ago. Surprisingly, I've recovered a lot faster than I thought I would. I've been able to do light jogs and no problems and take the dog out for a walk on a daily basis without pain.

 I would pay out of pocket completely to have this done. Just the level of professionalism and how good my foot looks and how everything is after surgery, I would pay so much more even.