Inflammation of the heel is frequently caused by plantar fasciitis, a common foot condition. However, inflammation can also be caused by trauma. Seek immediate assistance if you’ve had an injury and are experiencing swelling and redness. To reduce inflammation caused by heel pain, apply ice using a cold pack or a frozen, partially filled paper cup for about 7-10 minutes several times a day.

You can also use a frozen water bottle or Theraband Foot Roller to simultaneously ice and massage the bottom of the affected foot. Sometimes a heel lift will also provide relief since it effectively reduces the pull on the plantar fascia the tissue that is injured. Regardless of the cause it’s important to visit your podiatrist to determine the cause of the pain so that the healing can begin.

If your plantar fasciitis was caused by poor foot and body mechanics you'll likely need custom orthotics to prevent the inflammation from reoccurring. Stubborn inflammation may be relieved by treatment with an MLS laser

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