Many people try home remedies to treat their warts, including using duct tape. While the results are mostly ineffective, the belief in this treatment persists across the internet.

Warts can be very hard to treat. Even the most common wart treatments used in a podiatrist’s office are only effective 30-40% of the time and with cryotherapy and chemicals there is a 20% recurrence rate.

Using duct tape is not without side effects and includes redness, itching, burning, and other skin reactions.

A new treatment for warts called Swift Immune Therapy is much more effective for warts. It targets the cause of the condition, namely the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. Once the virus is killed the wart goes away. This treatment has an 85% success rate and less than 1% recurrence rate. It also has no side effects because the skin remains intact during treatment, unlike older destructive methods.

Dr. Rion Berg
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