eliminate your stubborn warts for goodPlantar warts are so hard to get rid of because they hide from your body’s immune system. Traditional treatments for plantar warts attempt to eliminate the wart directly through a variety of methods including freezing, chemicals, and surgery.

Unfortunately, these methods often fail to eliminate the wart for good because the treatment doesn’t get to the source of the problem—the cause of warts.

Plantar warts are caused by HPV or human papillomavirus. While you can get rid of the wart itself, the virus continues to live in your body. Stress and other factors can play a role in the return of warts.

Can the HPV virus be eliminated?

While traditional treatments are unable to eliminate human papillomavirus, a new treatment called Swift can. Swift works by using microwave therapy to uncloak the virus making it visible to your immune system. Once your immune system “sees” and “recognizes” the wart it can eliminate it.

Because Swift works to eliminate the virus it’s much more successful in getting rid of warts than other treatments. On top of that, it has a less than 1% recurrence rate which far outpaces other traditional therapies. Those older therapies have a recurrence rate as high as 20%.

Dr. Rion Berg
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