If you’ve had plantar warts, you’ve probably wondered if they’re contagious. Warts thrive in warm, moist conditions. And in those situations, warts can more easily spread from one person to person, like walking barefoot in a locker room or on a pool deck.

But not everyone who comes into contact with warts, will develop them. Warts are caused by HPV or the human papilloma virus. Not everyone has the same susceptibility to this virus. People who are at greatest risk of developing plantar warts are:

  • children and teenagers
  • people with a weak immune system (such as those with Type II diabetes or cancer)
  • the elderly
  • those who’ve gotten warts before.

If you’re at risk for plantar warts, it’s important to avoid other people who have them, wear flip flops in locker rooms and poolside, and change your shoes and socks daily.

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Dr. Rion Berg
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