“I can never seem to find shoes that don’t hurt my bunions.”  This is a common lament of women I see in my Seattle podiatry office.  I had recently helped my daughter, who suffers from plantar fasciitis, find stylish shoes that accommodate her condition.  And then the lightbulb went off: why not invite some of my patients to go shoe shopping with me as well?  

My associate, Dr. Robyn Paloian, was excited and quickly got on board.  The shoe department at Nordstrom’s at Northgate Mall welcomed our idea, and on Saturday, May 3, three women joined us for our first Shoe Shopping Event.  

We started the morning talking with the women about their style preferences, shoe goals and foot types.  

One woman was looking for dress shoes, one for work, and one to accommodate her orthotics.  We browsed the department together and individually, and each woman had opportunities to try on shoes and ask questions.  Salesman Aaron Kramer was quite gracious and attentive.

It was a phenomenal experience to share time outside the office, listening to our patients, really hearing their desires and needs.  It’s one thing to know the foot as well as we do, it’s another to know shoes the way Nordstrom’s shoe salespeople do.  Saturday’s collaboration was a great education in maintaining style and comfort for patients and doctors alike.  We look forward to continuing this monthly tradition at Nordstrom’s.  

We will soon have more Shoe Shopping Events up on our website or call us at 206-368-7000.

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