As we watched Adelina Sotnikova skate and receive her gold medal at the Olympics last night, it’s not difficult to imagine the level of force she and fellow Olympians must place on their feet and ankles particularly with the high jumps they must do to compete. Although most of us are well past the days of jumping off of anything, we are still applying a good deal of force to our feet and ankles when we engage in sports such as skiing, running, or hiking. Depending on our foot type and the type of sport we love to do, it’s important for us to learn a few lessons from those who study Olympic competitors.

Recently researchers out of Ohio State published a study of women skaters which found there were a number of ways to help figure skaters prevent foot and ankle injuries including wearing boots without heels, boots that provided more ankle room, and boots made of synthetic material that do not require much breaking in time ( also recommended skaters take more breaks, wear protective gear when learning new moves, and take time to build strength and flexibility.

Of course these recommendations are specific to skaters, so not all will apply to your specific situation, however, a big take away for anyone is realizing that our feet and ankles are not limitless in their ability to support us. Prevention is key to ensuring that our body will continue to serve us well.

In addition, If you’re an athlete and you are experiencing pain when you engage in sports, it’s vital that you don’t ignor foot or ankle pain. Many patients come to see one of our Seattle podiatrists with heel pain, ingrown toenails, bunions, or other types of foot pain wanting  a solution so they can get back to doing the sport they love.

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