Prescriptive orthotics for foot and heel pain (plantar fasciitis) are no longer a one size fits all solution at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City. Although a prescriptive orthotic is often necessary to provide the support needed to solve foot and heel pain, there may be less costly solutions to get you back on your feet.

Our Seattle podiatrists will diagnose your foot pain and come up with a solution tailored to your specific situation, lifestyle, and treatment goals. Whether you are a runner with plantar fasciitis, you have a job that requires you stand on your feet all day, or a senior with arthritis, our doctors have a systematic approach to diagnosing and treating your foot and heel pain. By addressing every relevant factor, we can get you back on your feet faster.

Our doctors will examine and assess your:

  • level of inflammation or injury
  • foot mechanics/foot structure
  • posture
  • current footwear, lifestyle and goals

If you do require orthotics, we have five solutions for you.

  • Powerstep inserts – these are pre-made, full length arch supports that provide temporary relief for arch or heel pain, Achilles tendonitis or neuromas. We have them available in the office but you can also purchase them from Our Doctor Store.
  • Powerstep Signature Leather Dress – perfect for the salesperson or anyone who needs to be on their feet all day but does not need correction for a poor foot mechanics. These soft leather orthotics are ideal for use in dress shoes.
  • Foot Balance – a perfect option for anyone needing immediate pain relief, these orthotics are made in our office while you wait. They can last up to a year or longer, and can manage arch and heel pain.
  • Prescriptive Orthotics – these orthotics provide the highest level of support, correcting faulty foot mechanics and helping with postural alignment. They may last five years or longer, and are tailored specifically to your foot. We use a high-tech 3-D foot scanner to ensure proper fit.
  • Dr. Comfort Custom Foot Bed – these prescriptive orthotics are ideal for arthritic feet, seniors, and other with chronic pain conditions for up to three years.

If you or a loved one is experiencing foot or heel pain, call us at 206-368-7000 or request an appointment online.

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