Kim Kardashian, of reality TV fame, is like a lot of other pregnant women. She has painful, swollen feet. With her first pregnancy she showed the swollen indentations she developed from wearing crisscross stilleto sandals. But the second time around it appears that the swelling in her feet and ankles might be worse. She was recently seen wearing slippers outdoors with a fashionable dress.

Good for you Kim! At least you're taking care of yourself and your unborn child.

Pregnancy can cause several problems for women's feet. Swelling is just one of them. Here are a few tips for Kim and for others who find their piggies unhappy during what is supposed to be a happy time.

Swollen Feet

Although they can be very painful during pregnancy, the good news is that swollen feet will go away once the baby is born. Swollen feet are caused by the pressure of the baby on the very veins that return blood to the heart. To reduce the swelling, elevate your feet and wear compression stockings. If you notice swelling early on and you can still fit into supportive shoes, walking will help reduce it.

Heel Pain

Heel pain or plantar fasciitis is also common problem during pregnancy. As women gain weight, the additional pressure on their feet can cause the plantar fascia to stretch and become inflamed. Wear supportive shoes and try an over-the-counter insert such as Superfeet or Powerstep. Icing, massage, and Biofreeze can help reduce the inflammation while avoiding medications.

Change in Foot Size

After baby is born you may find that your feet no longer fit into your favorite shoes. The extra weight over those 9 months can cause widening and lengthening of your foot. Although most of your body will go back to its pre-pregnancy state, your foot size will not. See this as an opportunity to shop for new shoes and make sure you pick a shoe store like Nordstrom that will measure your feet properly.

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