Has your physically active teen or pre-teenage daughter recently complained about foot pain? Have you checked out her feet and noticed a bunion? You may be a bit freaked out because you don't want her to go through the same pain and embarrassment you've suffered with your bunions.

I'd like to put your mind at ease--she doesn't need to suffer.

Because you caught her bunion early you can start treatment right away. As a Seattle podiatrist with over 30 years of experience I've seen my share of bunions in young people. At younger ages, bunions are most common in girls ages 10-15.

What Are the Symptoms of Teen or Pre-Teen Bunions?

Besides the pain and the obvious bump on the side of the big toe, other signs and symptoms of teen or pre-teen bunions are:

  • swelling can be found at the base of the big toe
  • problems finding shoes that fit
  • flat feet or feet that pronate

What Causes Teen or Pre-Teen Bunions?

Bunions in teens and younger children are inherited. It's not actually the bunions that are inherited but the foot type that causes the bunions. Unlike bunions in adults, shoes aren't implicated in bunion formation in pre-teen or teenage girls.

How Are Teen or Pre-Teen Bunions Treated?

With your daughter and younger children I take a conservative approach to treating bunions. After evaluating the foot, I'll often recommend orthotics to prevent further movement of the joints that are causing the bunions, and to slow bunion progression. Proper shoes are also extremely important. Young people will need to avoid heels or toe shoes (sorry if this puts your daughter's ballet on hold) and instead wear a solid shoe that can fit an orthotic.

Unfortunately some teens and pre-teens are going to need bunion surgery once other options no longer work; this means young people start limiting their daily activity and can't find shoes that fit. The good news is once the foot is fully healed they can go back to doing what they love, including any dreams about becoming a ballerina.

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