Did you know that if you have bunions there's a very good chance your daughter will too? Although bunions aren't inherited your foot type is. One of the most common foot types that put people at risk for bunions are flat feet.

Flat feet can cause all kinds of problems for people including heel pain, bunions, and hammertoes. If you've experienced any of these issues the last thing you'd want is for your daughter to have these problems.

So how can you help your daughter avoid all the pain that you've experienced?

Talk to Your Teenage Daughter About High Heels

As you may know high heels can make your bunions worse. If you notice your teenage daughter is starting to get bunions then it will be especially important to have this conversation. There are plenty of fashionable shoes that don't include sky high heels. If she wants to occasionally wear them for a special event, that's probably fine. But wearing them on a regular basis will likely worsen her bunions causing problems later in life.

Pay Attention to Your Toddler's Feet

Babies are born with flat feet. But as they get older they're feet will start to form an arch. If you notice that your child has not formed an arch by age four or five, it could mean she has Pediatric Flat Foot and her feet will remain flat for the rest of her life. This will put her at risk for all the problems that you've had with your feet.

Fortunately there are orthotics made specifically for young children called Little Steps. Learn more about children's foot problems at our Seattle Center for Children's Foot Health.

Bring Your Daughter to a Podiatrist

Bring your daughter to a podiatrist if they have flat feet, even if they aren't experiencing foot pain. To avoid future problems, a podiatrist can evaluate whether your daughter would benefit from over-the-counter inserts or is at the point that a custom orthotic would be most helpful. Orthotics will correct faulty foot mechanics to slow down development of bunions and prevent other types of foot problems such as plantar fasciitis.

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