Did you ever stop and wonder why Santa wears those big black boots?

I know, you thought it was to keep his feet warm in the snow. Well I happen to have treated him and let me tell you with claws like his, you can better believe he wouldn’t be barefoot in sandals; that is until I treated his nails with our new laser therapy. So, if you see him out there in sandals this year, you’ll know how effective this new treatment can be to get rid of your ugly toenails once and for all.

Thickened, fungal, toenails are unsightly and plague many of my adult patients, women and men. Thickened toenails are impossible to trim nicely, (essential for the well-groomed man).  Polish painted over fungal nails never looks quite right. And for our diabetic patients, fungal toenails add yet another risk of developing infections or ulcerations of the toe.

For many years patients have come to me asking if there is anything that will get rid of their discolored, deformed, fungal toenails. Up until now, the only treatments have been trimming them, taking oral medications, and applying topical solutions.  Even when these methods did work, the recurrence rate was very high.

Laser treatment of the toenails is now available at our clinic and gives us a method of treating the problem which is both painless and successful. So, don’t put up with Santa’s Claws! There’s no cause to pause! Come in now and let us help you have happier and healthier feet. At the Foot & Ankle Center of Lake City, we're all about feet and all about you.

If you think you have fungal nails, call us at 206-368-7000 or request an appointment online.


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