It's Seattle. The weather is finally heating up. You're ready to party with your friends but you've got these really funky toenails. Up until now you've been wearing your boots so your toenails were not an issue. But now all you just want to do is strap on a pair of sandals so your feet can breathe and so you can show off your toes.

Now you're afraid your summer might be ruined. What is this crazy stuff mucking up your toenails? Well as Seattle podiatrist I can't say for sure until I see you. But it may very likely be onychomycosis or toenail fungus.

It's time to give your funky toenails the boot. Here's how!

Make sure it's fungus
Not all funky nails are caused by fungus. Sometimes the doctor can visually inspect your nails and know right off the bat that they're fungal. Many times it's necessary to send the nails to a lab to have them checked.

Get them treated soon
You're young. The chance of getting them treating successfully is much more likely when you can catch fungal nails in the early stages.

Make sure the podiatrist offers a comprehensive treatment plan
Not all treatment plans are alike. Many podiatrists will offer laser treatment, one of the least invasive treatments. But it's important that they provide all the ingredients to make sure the treatment is a success including a pre-and post-laser program.

Come in today and get ready to enjoy your summer.

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