tolcylen kit for fungal toenailsAs summer approaches, you may be wondering how to get rid of your ugly, fungal toenails. Perhaps you’ve tried to treat them in the past with little or no success. Maybe you’re frustrated because the information you’ve seen on the internet is inconsistent and confusing.

You’re not sure what to do.

Should you try that new remedy that keeps popping on your computer screen? Try an old folk remedy like Vicks or Listerine? Or maybe you should see a podiatrist?

I feel your pain. Hundreds of patients have come to our office over the years with these same complaints.

The problem is that toenail fungus is really hard to get rid of. And there are a lot of people out there trying to sell remedies that only work for a small percentage of people.

Up until now I’ve told my patients that if you’re going to try topicals only, you’ll need apply them everyday and very likely up to a year. And then they still might not work. While topicals are great at destroying fungus on the outside of the toenail and the skin, most of them are terrible at getting rid of fungus where it matters most---under your nail bed.

Until now I didn’t have much hope for topicals. But then came Tolcylen.

Does Tolcylen A Topical for Toenail Fungus Really Work?

Tolycylen combines tolnaftate a powerful antifungal agent with alcohol, undecylenic acid, tree tea oil, urea, lactic acid, and propylene glycol to eliminate toenail fungus. While tolnaftate has been used to treat nail fungus and athlete’s foot for many years, it had a hard time reaching the nail bed.

The alcohol in Tolyclen is key! It carries the tolnaftate to and through the nail bed. Watch the video below to see how!


The other ingredients (urea, lactic acid, and propylene glycol) soften, thin, and lighten brittle and discolored nails. Unlike other topicals, patients see a rapid improvement in the appearance of their nails, often within just a few weeks because of these ingredients.

Together these special properties make it much more powerful than other topical solutions.

While Tolcylen is much better than other topical solutions, many people with fungal nails also opt to receive more comprehensive treatment. Attacking nail fungus using different tools can push the success rate to 80%-90%.

Patients can try Tolcylen first, and then if it’s not successful they can return for the comprehensive treatment.

Tolcylen is currently only available through podiatry offices and some other physician clinics. Once you’ve seen the doctor and he confirms you have toenail fungus, you’ll receive Tolcylen with instructions on how to use it. We’ll follow-up three months later to find out how well it’s working.

How to Apply Tolcylen to Your Nails

It's important that you apply a small amount of Tolcylen to your nails, otherwise, they can turn white.  Here's how.

Will Tolcylen Work On Really Thick Fungal Toenails?

Tolcylen can work on thicker fungal toenails.

Improving Toenail Fungus Success Rate With Laser and Other Treatment Tools in North Seattle

What else can be done to get rid of toenail fungus? In turns out there is great benefit to using several nail fungus elimination tools at the same time. They work together to boost the success rate of your treatment.

PinPoint FootLaser

First, there’s PinPoint FootLaser. We’ve been using this FDA approved treatment since 2012. When used alone, laser treatment has a success rate of 70%. The laser light works by penetrating the nail bed to destroy the fungus. Patients receive three laser treatments with our program

Oral Medication

We also use a short, pulsed course of oral medication. This greatly reduces any potential side effects. We also monitor our patients to make sure they aren’t experiencing any liver side effects. Oral medications work through the blood stream and are very effective in attacking and eliminating fungus.

Tolcylen Topicals

You’ll receive two different Tolcylen products. One is an antifungal, nail renewal solution applied to the toenails. The other is a nail cream applied to the skin surrounding the nails. These products are used until the fungus is gone and afterwards for maintenance.

Shoe Therapy

The final piece of the arsenal is shoe therapy. You’ll also receive an ultraviolet shoe sanitizer called Shoe Zap. This product cleans and eliminates 99% of all fungus from your shoes.

So in conclusion, Tolcylen is a much more effective toenail treatment medication for eliminating toenail fungus than other topicals. To boost it’s effectiveness we recommend seeking out a comprehensive toenail fungus treatment program that includes laser, oral medication, and shoe therapy as well.

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