As Valentine's Day approaches you're probably thinking of getting your sweetie chocolate, flowers, or a tennis bracelet. However, she might prefer you give her a set of beautiful toenails.

I'm not talking about a set of fake toenails, but rather a way to get rid of the ugly, fungal nails that she's reminded of every time she takes off her socks.

How do you know she'd prefer pretty nails over flowers? Very likely she's complained about her toenails to you more than once. If she hasn't you might have heard her complain about how gross they are to her girlfriends or her mother. After all, for many women having fungal toenails is darn embarrassing and you may be the last person she wants to tell.

Problems With Toenail Fungus Besides the Ugliness Factor

Not only are fungal nails are ugly, but can become painful and be transmitted to other people including you or your children.

When To Treat Fungal Toenails

While fungal toenails can be difficult to treat, the earlier they're treated the better. The longer someone goes without treatment the thicker the toenails get, the harder it is to get a positive outcome. Long term nail fungus can also cause toenails to become misshapen.

Best Treatment for Fungal Toenails

Although there are several ways to treat toenail fungus, at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City we've found for most people a combination of therapies works best to give the fungus a one-two punch. Treated early nail fungus can often be treated with laser, topicals, and a UV shoe sanitzer. More difficult cases will often need a short course of oral medication. For more information about comprehensive toenail fungus treatment, visit our Seattle Fungal Toenail Center page.

So don't leave your valentine hiding her piggies when she wants to wear sandals in the Spring. Gift her the best treatment now, not when summer is here. She can get a head start since it takes time for nails to grow out clear and fungus-free.

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