Is Victoria Beckham, the queen of fashion, really hanging up her stillettos? Well not quite, although she is getting closer. Plagued with horrific bunions for many years, she has refused to give them up even a little until now. She says they will now be part of her "sometimes" look rather than an "even in my backyard" look. 

Even though she's not giving them up entirely, as a Seattle podiatrist I have to give her credit for finally doing something good for her feet and health.

What happens when you let your bunions go for too many years by either ignoring them or continuing to wear heels?

They get much worse!

If you've been suffering from bunion pain but have yet to do anything about it, here are some questions to ask yourself. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 with  1= a minor problem to 10 = a major problem.

  • How much pain do my bunions cause?
  • Do I have trouble finding a pair of shoes I can wear?
  • Do I have pain under the ball of my foot?
  • Does the pain impact my quality of life?

If you answered in the lower range between 1-4, solutions that can work well include wearing shoes that are designed to accommodate a bunion and not make it worse, heels no higher than 1 inch, padding to alleviate friction and pain, special exercises to maintain joint mobility, and orthotics to align the feet properly if foot mechanics are problematic.

If you answered in the upper range 5 and over, some of these solutions might still work but bunion surgery is also something to consider.

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