Victoria Beckham is a proud mama. Her son Romeo, age 12 finished the London Mini-Marathon on April 26th to raise money for UNAIDS. However it's doubtful that Victoria could have run that marathon without being in terrible pain.

When I first blogged about Victoria's bunions in 2013, they were so bad she was forced to put her feet on ice and do daily exercise to avoid having a bunionectomy, a procedure strongly advised by her doctors. She was told by her podiatrists that if she didn't do something soon she’d never be able to don her heels again. We haven't been able to find an update on poor Victoria so we don't know if she's gone under the knife.

If you have bunions, you can empathize with poor Victoria but you don’t need to suffer needlessly. You may wonder, “What caused my bunion”?

The number one cause of bunions is wearing shoes that are too tight and squishing your feet into pointy high heels. Bunions can also run in families due to faulty foot structure. Continuing to wear pointy heels can cause them to get worse as you age.  

Hopefully, you're not a slave to fashion like Victoria Beckham, but if you have bunions you may be wondering, “At what point do I need surgery”?

As a Seattle podiatrist, I ask patients to ask themselves a few questions:

  • How painful is my bunion?
  • How much is it impacting my quality of life? (If you have activities you love and can no longer do them, then that might tilt the scales to yes, rather than wait.)
  • Can I still wear my shoes?
  • Do I have pain under the ball of my foot?

Not all bunions surgery is a must. As a Seattle podiatrist, I’ll try every conservative treatment beforehand at my Seattle podiatry office. But if you’re in agony like Victoria Beckham, the one way to find out is by making an appointment today by calling us at 206-368-7000 or requesting an appointment online.

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