You may be used to wearing high heels and you want to keep wearing them even though you just found out you’re pregnant. But is this a good idea? As your Seattle podiatrist I typically tell women to steer clear of high heels even under non-pregnant conditions. High heels are well known to cause many foot and ankle problems including bunions, hammertoes, and a shorten Achilles which can lead to plantar fasciitis.

Pregnancy adds some additional problems when it comes to wearing high heels. Weight gain and changes in body shape shifts your center of gravity forward. Hormonal changes cause loosening of the foot ligaments. This combination makes wearing high heels more precarious than usual since high heels are already less stable than a lower heeled shoe and put you more at risk for falls. In addition, looser foot ligaments require more foot support, not less to avoid heel pain and the other conditions high heels already cause. Back problems are also common in pregnancy and high heels can make them worse.

Even though Kate Middleton refuses to give up her heels during pregnancy, keep yourself safe instead of being a slave to fashion. Wear shoes with a heel of one inch or less with a wider toe box to accommodate swelling.

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