Heel Pain Videos 

What's Causing My Heel Pain and What Can I Do About It?Video still of Dr. Rion Berg





Treatment of Tight Calf Muscles



Tight Calf Muscles Can Lead to
Plantar Fasciitis





Understanding Your Foot Mechanics
and Treatment for Plantar Fasciitis




When Do I Need Custom Orthotics?




Preventing Running Injuries in New Moms




Preventing Heel Pain in Runners Who Wear High Heels




Relieving Foot Pain in Nurses Who Run




Best Low-Dye Taping For Heel Pain




Self-Taping for Plantar Fasciitis





How Taping Can Diagnose and Treat Foot PainVideo snip of foot doctor





How to Use a Splint to Stretch the Calf for Relief of Plantar Fasciitis





How MLS Laser Works to
Treat Plantar Fasciitis






MLS Laser Therapy for
Plantar Fasciitis - A Testimonial






Self-Care for Heel Pain During the Covid-19 PandemicVideo thumbnail of Dr. Rion Berg





How to Make Orthotics By Hand

podiatrist making orthotics by hand






3 Tips to Prevent Foot Injuries and Video
Keep Your Energy Up While Working
at Home

Achilles Tendonitis

What Causes Achilles Tendonitis





3 Ways to Treat Foot Pain If You
Have High Arches



Ingrown Toenails

Will I Need One Or Two Surgical Procedures To Treat My Ingrown Toenails?






Fungal Toenails 

3 Things Your Podiatrist Must Treat to Get Rid of Toenail Fungus



Should I Get Laser Treatment for My Fungal Toenails?Still photo from webinar on Should I Get Laser Treatment for My Fungal Toenails




Laser Treatment for Fungal
Toenails Testimonial






When Should I See A Podiatrist for Bunions?




What Causes Bunion Formation




How Do I Know When It's Time To Have Bunion Surgery?




What Is A Hammertoe and What Causes It?




The Cuboid Syndrome

What Causes the Cuboid Syndrome?






A Case Study of A Runner
With Cuboid Syndrome



Foot and Ankle Injuries

How to Treat A Lisfranc Injury



Children's Foot Problems


Flat Feet Can Cause Problems in Young Children




Why Does My Child Have Heel Pain (Sever's Disease)?






How to Shop for Kids Shoes




Little Steps Orthotics for Kids





Caring for Your Diabetic Feet



How to Cut Your Toenails At Home



Charcot Foot and the Arizona Brace






3 Exercises to Improve Balance and Reduce Fall RiskTwo physical therapists in video still - exercises to improve balance and reduce fall risk






How to Test Any Shoe for Stability




How to Shop for Kids Shoes




How to Choose the Right Flip-Flops for Your Feet



Women's Shoes and Comfort Sandals 2019






Spring Shoes 2020 Part I: Best Shoes to Wear At Home During Spring Shoes 2020 Part I: Best Shoes to Wear At Home During LockdownLockdown





Spring Shoes 2020 Part II: Best Athletic Shoes to Wear During Lockdown





Summer Shoes 2020 Part III: SandalsJason Brown in his shoe store Sole Perfection




Wear the Right Shoe for Your Activity




How to Lace Your Shoes to Keep Your Feet Pain Free




Ball of Foot Pain

What Causes Ball of Foot Pain?




What Is Morton's Neuroma?







Using MLS laser to Treat Morton's Neuroma






Risk Factors for Severe Foot
Disorders - Capsuliti







What is Sesamoiditis?




Risk Factors for Severe Foot Disorders - Posterior Tibial Tendonitis





Treatment of Hallux Rigidus
(Big Stiff Toe





3 Exercises To Improve Foot and Ankle
Strength and Flexibility




4 Steps to Prevent Foot Problems in Winter