One of the latest advancements in technology to reduce inflammation and restore mobility and function for foot and ankle disorders is MLS Laser therapy. MLS laser therapy was developed in order to provide a noninvasive method of therapy that will reduce pain, reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing.

How MLS Laser Therapy Works

MLS laser therapy works at two levels. One, it hits pain receptors to immediately begin reducing pain in just a few visits and two to reduce inflammation and promote tissue healing in a manner that we've never experienced before. In just six visits, we're able to reduce extensive inflammation associated with such conditions as Posterior tibial tendonitis, Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, and neuromas.

What You'll Experience During Treatment

During treatment, you may experience a slight warmth. There are no risks and complications associated with this laser it's non-invasive and it's been approved by the FDA since 2009.

Patient Testimonials for MLS Laser Therapy

Here are some testimonials from some of our patients who have gone through MLS laser therapy and resolved their foot problems successfully.

"I've had a long history of plantar fasciitis and Dr. Berg helped me with that with orthotics and I was still having some discomfort, however, and so I came back to try the laser therapy and it was remarkably effective, especially with the pain, like in the arches of my feet where it would cramp and such. That was, I could feel it immediately, that it felt better. And then over the course of the treatment that continued to improve. I also had a ankle injury from a car accident and where I jammed my talus. And that has just been an aggravating thing, and the pain from that, if it's something that on a daily basis was maybe at a five or six, it's down to like a one or a two. And that's a huge relief because I have to be on my feet for work, I like to walk. I want to walk my dog and things like that. And I can do that with much greater comfort now."

"I saw Dr. Berg due to a toe fracture that was not healing with cold laser therapy treatment and wearing a boot for three months, my toe is on its way to recovery. I just had my final check up today. My toe is healing and I finally can get off the boot."

"I mentioned to Dr. Berg, that I'd been having a lot of pain in my toes and my right foot, as I was describing it, he immediately knew what my problem was and it had a name, Morton's Neuroma. A shot regimen and some laser treatments and the pain is gone."

If you're experiencing acute or chronic foot and ankle pain, and want to learn more about MLS laser therapy, contact our office today.

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