While you can't prevent bunions, you can prevent them from getting worse.

4 tips to prevent your bunions from getting worse.

  • Choose a lower heel height. Lowering your heel height will make a big difference in stopping the progression of bunions. Higher shoes in the heel place more pressure on the ball of the foot and the big toe joint that forms the bunion. Lowering the heels relieves that pressure. Purchase shoes that are one inch or lower in the heel.
  • Choose a wider toe box. A wider toe box can prevent the toes from cramping together and relieve pressure on the ball of the foot.
  • Choose shoes with a closed back. Open back clogs or slides, pumps are the wrong type of shoe if you have a bunion. When your foot is not in a securely fitting shoe, more pressure is applied to the front of the foot. Keep open back shoes for home use, not for walking.
  • Wear your orthotics. It's important to wear your orthotics all the time because in addition to aligning your feet, they can prevent your bunions from getting worse.
Dr. Rion Berg
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