Are you wondering if it's time to have surgery on your bunion? Why don't you first answer the following three questions? And from this, it will help you determine what to do.

  • Number one, has your bunion become more painful recently, making it difficult to get through the day without feeling like you want to get off your feet?
  • Number two, is it becoming more difficult to wear your shoes comfortably or the shoes that you want to wear and you're forced to wear things that are stretched out or open-toed?
  • Number three, and this is the most important one, is that bunion, that bump on the side of your foot now getting to the point where it's impacting the quality of your life, making it difficult to carry on your daily activities or desired activities and you're even avoiding them?

If you answer any of these questions positively, it will mean that you probably should seek attention from your podiatrist, have a full evaluation of your feet and come up with a treatment plan, best option for you to solve this painful problem.

Dr. Rion Berg
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A podiatrist in North Seattle treating families for over 40 years.