As someone who is deathly afraid of needles/doctors, I can't recommend going here enough. Not only was I able to get a same day appointment when I called about my infected ingrown toenail, but the staff was an absolute joy. They handled my phobia exceptionally well and Dr. Berg was easy to talk to and his staff were all very kind. Bonus points for Amelia (Dr.Berg's assistant) as she let me squeeze her hand throughout the entire procedure. I would definitely come here again--thank you Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City! - Tori M.

My teenage son developed the worst ingrown toenails on both feet. They oozed and bled for months, to the point where some days he couldn't play on his soccer team because of the pain. I tried all the home-grown remedies that I knew from childhood but nothing worked. He finally agreed that it was time to go to a professional. Enter Dr. Berg. My son was VERY apprehensive about anyone touching his feet because by this point they were so sensitive. Dr. Berg immediately put him at ease. He explained the problem, talked about the solution, and immediately started treatment. He knew exactly what to do. Within days my son was almost completely healed and walking with much less pain. After a couple of follow-up appointments to make sure things were progressing as they should, he was done! We were also able while we were there to take advantage of Dr. Berg's expertise in addressing what we had always been told were my son's flat arches. He now has custom-made orthotics that should help in preventing him from experiencing hip and knee problems as he ages. Throughout all his visits both Dr. Berg and his staff were friendly, respectful, and empathetic. I would highly recommend this facility to any patient needing a podiatrist. - Donna H.

I highly recommend Dr. Berg and his staff. My son has autism and everyone in the office were superstars -- they were so professional and gracious and understanding. Dr. Berg is so knowledgeable and thorough- he explained everything clearly and gave different options. He was really insightful and helpful. And the paperwork/insurance processing was easy. Totally positive experience. - Judtih A.

This man is a rock star! I staggered in with pain and a cane to stabilize. One exam and one injection and in a few minutes the pain lessened. By the end if the day, NO PAIN for the first time in months. It has been a year of no pain and i would give Dr. Berg a 12 star review if i could. Go to him. - Suzanne K.

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Amazing results for improving my long-term foot pain problems. Dr. Berg took the time to listen to my concerns and addressed them in a logical manner. Custom orthotics made it so that I could attend my industry trade show. His new low-level laser treatment gave me amazing improvement of an old ankle injury from a car accident as well as improving the neuropathy in my toes that was keeping me awake at night. Run, don't walk- I can now.
-Jean M

These guys are great! From reception to Dr Berg, I got the finest care and help available.
-Jay N.

Although I did have to take the oral medication for toenail fungus, it was a lesser amount than is typically taken. That plus the laser did the trick.
-Jan D., Edmonds, WA

I was very impressed with the treatment I received today. The staff was efficient and gracious, and the doctor spent a lot of time with me, explaining what he was doing and why, and the treatment he recommende and why. It was reassuring to visit a doctor who gave me the information I needed to make my own decision.
March 2, 2018
Charles G, Bothell
Bothell, WA

I would like to thank Dr Berg for taking the time to thoroughly check out my big toe, explaining my structural problem in a way I could understand and deal with it. I also appreciate his low key way of recommending different types of shoes including the Hoka 11 and the New Balance 928. These shoes with a stiffer tread have helped by providing additional support.
February 22, 2018
-Diane A.
Brier, WA

I came in dreading the painful ingrown toenail removal stories I had heard. Dr. Berg was thorough, kind, and explained everything to me. The whole process was pretty stress free!
Nov 16, 2017

Dr. Berg is an amazing doctor and fabulous story teller... The staff were incredibly professional and friendly... Highly recommended!!!! (Facebook review)
-Keith B-J, Seattle, WA
Sept 26, 2017

What I was most impressed with is that Dr. Berg listened to what I said and repeated it back to me to make sure it was correct. I haven't had other doctors do that. I've referred two other people to see him.
-Susan G., Shoreline, WA
September 12, 2017

Very good experience. Dr. Berg was warm, friendly and knowledgeable. The staff was prompt, efficient and helpful. Definitely the kind of practice that you would recommend to others. (Facebook review)
-Erin F, Seattle, WA
May 9, 2017

Dr. Berg cares about his patients and gives an honest informative assessment of what's going on with one' s foot or feet. He scanned my feet and made perfect orthotics for my feet. If he doesn't know all the information on something he will say so. He couldn't say about my ankle till he got x-rays. Dr. Berg has a very genuine, friendly, courteous, professional, and healing presence.
-R. Kadri, Mountlake Terrace, WA
March 21, 2017

Walking is my life. I walk 3-6 miles a day at age 75. The ball of my foot would get extremely sore an prevented from walking. Dr. Berg diagnosed the problem, prescribed orthotic inserts, and cured the problem! I'm now back to my 3-6 mile walks. His "bedside manner" is also great! A very, very nice doctor to deal with.
-T. Patterson, Edmonds, WA 
Dec 29, 2016

Dr. Berg and the wonderful people who work at the Foot and Ankle Clinic of Lake City have been a delight to work with from the very first interaction I had with them. I broke the fifth metatarsal in my left foot at the beginning of the summer. Dr. Berg and his staff are highly professional, yet always made me feel very welcomed. Dr. Berg is very passionate about his job and seems to deeply care about his patients. Although it was a holiday weekend, Dr. Berg made sure to fit in my surgery on a Friday morning. He explained the surgical procedure to me in depth before scheduling the procedure and made sure I was comfortable on the morning of my surgery. After the fact, he gave me his cell phone number and made sure I knew I could call him (which I did, a few times during that first weekend). If that isn't dedication to your work, I'm not sure what is! The surgical procedure went very well and I have had no issues in recovery. During follow up appointments, Dr. Berg's bedside manner was excellent and he made sure I understood the timeline of my recovery.

I highly recommend this clinic, especially with tricky foot issues. It has been a month and a half since my surgery and I can now walk without pain and the assistance of crutches! Dr. Berg made me feel comfortable and confident in his care. I will actually miss coming to this office every few weeks!
-Kaitlin W, Ellenburg, WA
Aug 18, 2016

Amazing Doctor. He really knows what he's doing. I was referred by the wound care center for a cut on my toe that wasn't... healing. I had come all the way from Olympic NP so Dr. Berg squeezed me in that same day so that I wouldn't have to make the long drive back the next day! He took care of the problem and I was on my way! His wife works in the office too and she is super sweet!.
-Danielle H, Olympia 

I had built up so much worry and embarrassment because I had waited too long to find another podiatrist; mine had retired. When I watched the videos online and heard Dr.Berg say something like “you shouldn’t have to live with foot pain, even if you’re worried or embarrassed” that's why I made the appointment. Then to have Helen your MA validate my concerns as I cried and for her to say 'it's OK, you're here now'.  I'm just so happy I came to your office.
-Jennifer L., Seattle

"We needed to see Dr. Berg right away to address my five year old's ingrown toenail before our holiday travels. He and his staff were flexible for us and SO kind. Dr. Berg did everything he could to ensure the my child's comfort. My child said, "I LOVED that doctor!"
-Jessica R, Seattle

"Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what a blessing my orthotics are. I am in Indonesia and walk long distances at airports and my feet are doing well."
-Carol, Mountlake Terrace 

"After having a procedure and antibiotics for an infection and blood clot under my toenail, that same toe became ingrown and became increasingly painful. I had been dealing with severe pain for weeks and it got so bad I could hardly walk. I was able to see Dr. Paloian that afternoon to take care of the ingrown nail. She was very kind and comforting and made me feel at ease. If I'm in need of a podiatrist again, I will absolutely return to the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City".
-Elizabeth, Seattle

"Been dealing with Planter Fasciitis/Fibroma for a number of years and got by with over-the- counter orthotics till recently. It had become very painful to stand and walk. The time had come for an examination and custom orthotics. The orthotics Dr. Berg made for me corrected my stance, step, and took the pressure off of my heels enabling me to walk.  Dr. Berg is a no nonsense person who gets right to the problem, explains what is happening, and what needs to be done to treat it."
-J. Southcott, Seattle

"I came in to see Dr. Berg because I had pain on the top of my left foot. He gave me orthotics and since then I have no pain when I play pickle ball."
-Lester D, , Lake Forest Park, WA

"I had both bunions removed with surgery and Dr. Berg did a fantastic job. I am only 21 years old so I have much more time on my feet. He is a great doctor to work with and very passionate about his job. After having bunions since I could remember and pain for a handle full of years I have no pain and can wear shoes I want to wear. Highly trust him and his staff."
-Jamie Jacobs, Stanwood, WA

"It's a blessing what Dr. Berg and his staff have done for me. He's kind, considerate, and dedicated to all his patients, not just me.  I was walking on the sides of my feet when I came in and was in a lot of pain. He fit me with an Arizona brace and found a shoe that works with the brace and is supportive."
-Darlene English, Shoreline, WA

"I had an operation on my left toe—the pain went from 90% to 10%.  I can walk a lot better now. You can count on Dr. Berg for the best foot care. He’s also very honest and upfront with me. Integrity is very important to me."
-Philip S., Edmonds, WA

“My wife said I had the nastiest looking toe nails. After one laser treatment, and following Dr. Berg's directions my nails have shown great improvement. Three nails on each foot are clear of fungus to the look and are a pretty pink. The other four nails have had a fungus reduction of 50% or more."
-Craig O., Seattle, WA

"I came to Dr. Berg due to a foot bunion and hammertoe.  In addition to the increasing pain I was experiencing when walking because of  the bunion, the hammertoe was making it difficult for me to wear my shoes without the toe joint rubbing against the inside of my shoe. Dr. Berg thoroughly explained to me what a bunion is and about my hammertoe. He also provided me with information to read at home which I really appreciated.
-J.Radoslovich, Bothell, WA

After the surgery, I was so impressed by his follow-up.  He called me for the next several days to find out how I was doing with swelling and pain management. Afterwards, he fitted me for orthotic shoe inserts; I now only wear shoes that will accommodate the inserts and I am back to walking without any hardship or restrictions. I just went on a 5 mile hike and had no problem keeping up with the other hikers. I now have my life back".
-K. Kutay, Edmonds, WA

"If something needs to be taken care of, he'll take care of it. That means if he and his staff need to stay late, that is exactly what will happen. He has totally taken care of me, and I really appreciate all of his good work."
-Larry A., Seattle, WA

“Dr. Berg’s skill as a surgeon is most impressive. I give Dr. Berg and his team of professionals very high marks and would recommend them without hesitation.”
-P. Yasui, Seattle, WA