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Are your toenails discolored, thick, brittle, or crumbly? If so, you very likely have a fungal infection called onychomycosis or toenail fungus. Like most people you probably want to get rid of your fungus because you don't like how your toenails look. But some people need to know the health reasons behind treatment. If that's you, please read my blog called "Do I Have To Get My Fungal Toenails Treated"? to learn more.

Laser Treatment May Be The Solution You've Been Looking For

Frequently asked questions about laser treatment

Our Seattle podiatry clinic uses the PinPoint FootLaser™ to treat toenail fungus.  It is the first laser approved by the FDA to treat this condition.  Fungal toenail treatment with the Pinpoint FootLaser™  is safe, painless, and typically takes only 30-minutes to perform. Learn more about our Comprehensive Laser Treatment Center below and get your questions answered by reviewing Frequently Asked  Questions.

Is It Affordable?

Because laser treatment for fungal nails is not covered by insurance, we make it as affordable as possible. Your first visit is covered by insurance. At that visit you'll have plenty of time to talk to Dr. Berg to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Ensuring It's Fungus

Lots of things can cause your nails to look discolored or distorted including trauma and age. Before we begin treatment we often send nail clippings to a lab to ensure it's fungus.

Our Comprehensive Laser Treatment Program

We know that you have many choices when it comes to laser treatment for toenail fungus. No one who treats toenail fungus can guarantee that the treatment will work the first time. Our Comprehensive Laser Treatment Program was developed to ensure the best success for eliminating toenail fungus. The program includes the following:

1. Laser treatment - you'll receive (3) laser treatments as part of our package, usually over one month's time.

2. Shoe therapy - you'll be given an Shoe Zap Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer to take home to sterilize all of your shoes before treatment.

3. Topicals - when you have fungal nails, both the nails and the surrounding skin are infected. We'll provide you with topicals to treat both the nails and the skin.

4. Oral medications - we've found that a short course of oral medications can help improve the success rate for our patients who go through treatment of their fungal toenails. 

Click on the video of a webinar we did called "Should I Get Laser Treatment for My Fungal Toenails?" to learn more about our comprehensive laser treatment approach.

What To Expect During the Laser Treatment

The treatment involves passing a laser beam over the infected nails and surrounding skin. The doctor will repeat this several times until enough energy has reached the nail bed. Your nail will feel warm during the treatment. A single treatment session takes about 30 minutes. Healthy new growth will be visible in as little as 4 months but can take much longer.

Patients Who Have Received Treatment At Our Office

For additional before and after pictures, check out our photo gallery where patients received the PinPoint Laser treatment at other clinics.

Click here for our fungal toenail videos:

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