Yes. While there are many conditions that can cause little toe pain, one frequently overlooked cause is wearing shoes that don’t fit properly. Be on the lookout for the following shoe problems.

  • Shoes that are too short – as we age many of us experience an increase in shoe size and so we can wind up wearing shoes that are too short. The constant rubbing on the tip of your toes is not only painful but it can also cause your nail to turn black and increases your risk for developing a fungal toenail infection. Teens who play soccer and wear tight cleats or rock climbers who wear overly tight climbing shoes are also at risk for little toe pain. For these reasons it’s important to get your feet measured the next time you go to purchase new shoes and beware that your athletic shoes can be doing you more harm than good.
  • Shoes with a narrow toe box– sometimes we can feel pain from our shoes on the outside of our pinky toes. Pointy shoes and shoes with a narrow toe box are the main culprits.
  • High heeled shoes – high heeled shoes can cause your feet to slide forward and hit the top of the shoe. Either wear a shoe with a heel less than one inch in height or use a pad that will prevent your feet from slipping forward.
  • Shoes that are too big – while less common, shoes that are too big can also cause your feet to slide forward into the tops of your shoes. Again, be sure to get your feet measured for a perfect fit.

For more information about what else can cause little toe pain, visit us at Little Toe Pain: Causes and Treatments.

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