You may not be playing in the major leagues on opening day, but you can stress your feet just as much as a professional athlete in the course of your work week. In addition to having the right shoe for the right activity, the right socks can go a long way to keeping your feet happy and healthy. Here are some general principles to consider.

  • Socks with increased padding and some compression will relieve stress involved with prolonged standing. Good athletic socks will incorporate increased padding in the ball of the foot, some compression through the arch, and padding to protect your heels.
  • While cotton socks are plentiful and less expensive, they increase friction and become wet with moisture causing increased blistering. Socks containing Coolmax fibers or other synthetic blends designed to wick away moisture will help to decrease friction and prevent blistering. SmartWool Trekking Heavy Crew Socks (Gray) Large contains wool with nylon--this sock technology wicks away moisture and decreases friction. These socks can be particularly helpful if your feet tend to sweat a lot.
  • If you’ve tended to double up on your socks, you might consider the hiker’s approach which is to use a thinner sock liner against the foot which has wick away properties and an outer sock to absorb moisture. Wrightsocks are a brand of athletic socks with a double layer to reduce friction.
  • If you stand on your feet all day but need to dress in style, consider purchasing below the knee support stockings--these stockings now come in more stylish designs such as argyle and herringbone patterns and popular colors for men and women. You will be amazed how much less fatigue you will have if you wear support stockings. If you’re concerned about them being too hot, some even include the Coolmax fibers. Can be purchased througn

So, if your feet are giving you trouble while you work, knock your socks off and try some of the above suggestions to make them happier throughout the day.

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