Ingrown Toenails May Just Be a Matter of Physics
By Dr. Rion Berg
February 05, 2015
Category: Ingrown toenails
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Physics may be shedding some light on the age old question “why do some people get ingrown toenails”?  A recent article in spoke about some recent research looking into how our toenails grow and the reason why nails that grow too fast or too slow may be responsible for ingrown nails. As a Seattle podiatrist, I’ve always told my patients that ingrown nails are more common in people with a family history, those who have suffered nail trauma, wearing shoes that are too tight, toenail fungus, and by improper trimming of the nails. All these are true but it looks like there may be additional groups that are more likely to get ingrown nails according to a study conducted at the University of Nottingham’s School of Veterinary Medicine.

Apparently, when toenails grow too quickly or slowly the nail’s curvature changes, resulting in an ingrown nail. After reviewing the literature they noticed that people with fast growing nails such as pregnant women (increased hormone levels) and children were more likely to get them and people with slow growing nails, such as the elderly were also more likely to get them.

All I know is that it doesn’t really matter how you got them, when you’re in excruciating pain and you can’t do what you love to do, you don’t want to wait to come to the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City to end your suffering. Through a simple in house surgical procedure we do every day we can remove your ingrown toenail and leave you much happier.

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