6 Tips For Wearing Flip Flops Without Killing Your Feet


As Seattle temperatures rise, it certainly feels like summer and that means you want to break out your flip flops. In the last few years flip flops have become a fashion statement. Teens and adults alike can be seen wearing them at the beach, the mall, and while strolling around Green Lake.

Unfortunately many people don't know how to wear these colorful kicks without killing their feet. As a Seattle podiatrist I see all kinds of foot problems from patients wearing flip flops for extended periods of time. Think blisters, worsening bunions, hammertoes, Achilles tendonitis, neuromasheel pain or sprained ankles.

Flip flops were never intended to be worn everywhere and anywhere all day long. But if you choose to wear them, follow these tips:

  • Buy flip flops with a leather footbed
    When it comes to flip flops leather is best. It will minimize blisters and other problems with irritation.

  • Check for support before you buy
    Flip flops with arch support are much better then flat, flat, flipflops. We recommend the Vionic Wave Toe Post Sandal.
  • Replace each summer
    Flimsy flip flops wear out quickly.  Buy new ones each year.

  • Avoid toe overhang
    Make sure you buy flip flops that fit. If you toes overhang you'll be much more likely to stub them.

  • Don't wear flip flops in these situations
    Never, ever wear flip flops while playing sports, dancing, mowing the lawn, or hiking. The likelihood of twisting or breaking your ankle, falling, or taking off a toe will go up exponentially.

  • Don't ignore pain or irritation between your big toe and second toe
    Excessive rubbing can cause blisters and lead to infections.

A great alternative to flip flops are Teva or Chaco brand sandals that includes straps across your toes and around the back of your heel.

If you decide to wear a cheap pair of flip flops with no support, limit their use to the pool, locker and shower room. They're great for preventing infections lurking in these locations, such as athlete's foot, plantar warts, or fungal toenails.

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