bunionsSalma Hayek claims that the bunions of her co-star Tiffany Haddish have brought her good luck. But if you're like most people with bunions yours are probably more like a bad actor--painful!

Maybe you've wondered why you've been so unlucky to get them in the first place. Or possibly you've figured out that they must be inherited since your sister and your mother have them. If it's the second you'd be right, but its bit more nuanced then simple inheritance.

You probably noticed that your feet looked pretty good in your teens, but as you've gotten older your bunions have bulged out more and more. So while you didn't t inherit your bunions you likely did inherit flat feet and the propensity to develop bunions over time.


People with flat feet or very low arches pronate or roll their feet when they walk. This walking and/or running pattern is what causes bunions over time.

And there's more..

Men and women who wear tight, pointed shoes and high heels are more likely to have their bunions progress.

What Causes Bunion Pain

If you lived on a desert island and you walked barefoot all day long you may not ever experience bunion pain. That's because it's mostly the shoes you wear that are the problem, not the bunions themselves. They're only painful because they rub up against your shoes. That being said, some people do develop arthritis or bursitis as their bunions get larger. That's why it's so important to do everything possible to limit bunion progression.

How We Treat Bunions

At the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City we treat the underlying cause of your bunions in order to prevent them from getting worse. In fact we treat children with flat feet to help prevent bunions from forming in the first place.

For adolescents whose feet are still growing I recommend a splint for nighttime wear to keep the toes aligned properly. For adults as well as adolescents custom orthotics are recommended. Orthotics keep the foot properly aligned when walking to prevent pronation and the first toe from becoming more hypermobile.

Wearing shoes that can properly accommodate your bunion can help prevent bunion pain. A local shoe store I recommend is Sole Perfection. In addition, Kirsten Borrink's website, www.barkingdogshoes.com is a great resource. She is always finding new shoes that work for a variety of foot problems including bunions.

What About Surgery

We perform surgery as a last resort after trying more conservative methods. If your bunions have progressed and they're interfering with your daily activities it's probably time to have that conversation. Check out the questions to ask yourself to see if you're ready.

For more information about how we treat bunions, visit our "Bunions" page on our website.

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