young couple hikingAnother gorgeous weekend in Seattle and you're looking forward to hiking and camping with your husband and baby daughter. You've got the sunscreen, hats for you and baby, baby backpack, food, and water bottles all ready to go and the 10 essentials.

You're glad to get away from the stress of daily life. Although you're young and healthy, there's just one problem.

Toenail fungus.

You hate that word and feel embarrassed by it. You've seen information about getting treatment, but you're satisfied right now to save your money for a house and just cover them up with toenail polish.

But I can tell you as a Seattle podiatrist with 30 years of experience, if you're a young mother avoiding toenail fungus treatment it's a bad idea. Why?

It Becomes Harder to Treat

Although you'd like to put it off, toenail fungus becomes harder to treat the longer you wait. Some patients with long term nail fungus, never get rid of it. The nail gets thickened and distorted and the treatments today are not very effective for advanced cases. The younger and healthier people are the more likely toenail fungus will be a thing of the past once it's treated.

Fungus Can Spread to Family Members

One of the most important things you worry about is the health of your family. And toenail fungus can spread. Although you may be willing to wait to get your toenail fungus treated, the last thing you want is for your husband or heaven forbid your baby to get it. And the worst news is that your baby could be at greater risk than your husband due to a genetic link for acquiring this disease.

It's Painful

Toenail fungus isn't just ugly, it can also be painful. Maybe not now or five years from now, but the longer you let it go the greater the chance the fungus will cause pain. And who wants to live with that.

Do yourself a favor. If you're a young mother with what looks like toenail fungus, come in for a free consultation--it's possible that you may not have it at all and your worries are over. But if you do, we'll tell you about all the options available so at least you can make an informed decision.

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