You've had bunions ever since you were a teen and they seem to be getting worse. Bunions most often develop in woman with flexible, flat feet that pronate or roll in. Bunions can worsen over time by wearing shoes that are tight, high, and pointy.

Not only do bunions affect your everyday life, but also hamper your ability to run without a lot of pain. Part of the solution is to visit a Seattle podiatrist to correct your improper foot mechanics with orthotics, but you'll also need to know the best shoes to buy to provide the most comfort when you hit the trail.

Start by going to a store that specializes in running. Not only will they need to know about your bunions but about your foot type, how often you run, and where your foot strikes the ground. We recommend Super Jock 'N Jill, Brooks, or REI; all have very knowledgeable sales people who can help you find a shoe that will accommodate your needs.

Here are some suggestions for shoes that can work well for you depending on your foot type:

Runners with Flat or Low Arched Feet    

Flat feet or feet with low arches are the most common foot type for people with bunions. Runners with flat feet will need the greatest amount of arch support to keep your foot in a neutral position. Wide Motion-Control Running Shoes are going to keep your feet in alignment better than another type of shoe. In addition, because they are wide they can accommodate your bunions. Two shoes that Super Jock 'N Jill recommends are the Brook's adrenaline and the Saucony guide.

Runners with Arched, Neutral Feet

Although less common bunions can occur in women with good arches and feet that don't pronate. The main concern for these runners is finding a shoe that has a wider toe box to lessen pressure on the bunion.

Other Pain Relieving Suggestions

In addition, we recommend Dr. Jill's Gel Bunion Cushion to reduce friction and use a lacing strategy that will allow the greatest amount of room in the toebox.

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