athletic shoesAs you get ready to watch the Super Bowl this weekend, getting in shape may be the last thing you’re thinking about.  However, after you’ve attended your Super Bowl party you might start thinking about getting back in shape after all that beer and junk food you just ate.  Just as football players need to change their athletic shoes on a regular basis, so do you.

When you look at your shoes, you’ll probably notice that the sole is worn down but it is another to know whether the materials in the middle, the midsole, are compressed. This midsole is primarily made of shock absorbing material, EVA, and it does have a limited lifespan. 

How do you know it’s time to replace your shoes?

A simple rule is to replace them after 400 miles of usage.  Given that you might not have a mileage meter on your shoes, this translates to approximately one year of active exercise.  You might resole a pair of dress shoes, but don’t do this to athletic shoes.  In addition to the midsole wear, your feet will wear out the upper portion of the shoe as well. This can sometimes be seen as the upper part of the shoe pushing out over the top of the sole.

If you have no clue how much wear has taken place, the best thing to do is replace your athletic shoes now.  Shape up your shoes as you set out to get in shape, and you might just prevent the development of a host of foot and ankle problems.

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