Whether you are a soccer mom or grandmother, you should know that your little athlete is at greater risk for foot and ankle injuries.

Here are some of the problems that your young soccer player may encounter:

How you can help prevent them from getting these injuries:

  • Before starting to play bring your athlete for a pre-season physical examination with your doctor
  • Make sure their muscles are in condition for soccer; about a month before they begin to play they should be starting to practice their soccer moves slowly with you or a buddy in order to  build muscle strength and mobility
  • Remind them to drink plenty of water even before they get thirsty
  • Teach them to warm up prior to playing soccer; for example, a slow jog and then muscle stretches
  • Choose athletic shoes made for soccer; also check with your doctor to assess if they have any specific foot issues that might predispose them to foot injuries
  • Replace athletic shoes every six months
  • Teach them to pay attention to their bodies; they should tell you or their coach if they have pain or discomfort
  • Overuse injuries can also occur in young athletes; sometimes they may need to take a substantial break in their activity in order to allow the body to heal properly.

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