Summer is now as the fun season. It’s the time for relaxing, traveling, and barbecues with friends. Unfortunately, summer is also the time when many people experience foot problems. During the summer is when many people make their worst footwear choices. Also, in the next few months, people will spend more time outside. Any outdoor activity, such as hiking, walking on the beach, or jogging, can result in a foot issue if you are not careful and if your footwear is not correct.

A common foot issue is that many people will experience this summer is a foot blister. Blisters look like small bubbles filled with a clear liquid. Sometimes they do not hurt, but many times they are very painful. Blisters are most commonly caused by friction (your foot rubbing against your shoe), heat (sunburns), and moisture. Although most people will experience a blister or two on their foot during their lifetime, there are ways to prevent them. Below are a few tips to help keep blisters at bay.

Wear the Right Footwear

It seems simple, but many of us slack off in the summer. We reach for the trendy sandals, open toe heels, and flip flops. Many times we wear these shoes all day, several days a week. It’s ok to show off your feet, but if the shoes do not fit properly, you are increasing your risk of getting a blister. Any time your feet hurt from wearing shoes, it’s time to figure out why and look for something better. Wearing poor fitting sneakers while exercising can also cause blisters. Your shoes should not be too tight or too loose. Many of us think we know what shoes are best for us, but a consult with a podiatrist can be very useful. By finding out your foot type and your problem areas, (places that have more friction or pressure) you can make better decisions about the shoes you purchase. Poor fitting insoles or orthotics can cause blisters, too Let your podiatrist know if you notice your orthotics don’t fit well or if you are interested in getting custom, better fitting orthotics.

Keep The Right Amount of Moisture

Dry feet and friction can cause blisters, but sweaty feet can also lead to blisters. The key is balance. It’s important to keep your feet lubricated. Using lotion on your feet regularly will soften the skin and keep the skin from cracking. Petroleum jelly is a good, cheap lubricant to use on the feet after showering. If your feet sweat a lot, using cornstarch can help keep them dry. Also, wear socks that keep your feet dry. Cotton holds moisture. Socks made with CoolMax material help to keep moisture away from feet.

Know When It’s Time To Visit The Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City

Don’t pop your blisters. If you avoid further injury they will heal from underneath. If they do pop, wash with soap and water and apply a topical antibiotic ointment. Cover with a bandage. However, if you have multiple, recurring blisters or if your blisters are so painful that they make you miss out on summer fun, it’s time to make an appointment at the Foot and Ankle Center of Lake City. Sometimes recurring blisters can mean an underlying skin condition such as eczema.

For people with Diabetes, a blister can be more cause for concern. Diabetics should take all foot issues seriously, including blisters. Don’t try to treat it yourself. Unhealed blisters can turn into ulcers. Do not let your pedicurist handle the issue. Going to the podiatrist is your best option for getting proper treatment and finding out more about what is specifically causing your blisters. Your podiatrist will point you in the right direction for the best products and, if you are a runner or walker, your podiatrist can show you taping methods that will decrease your chances of getting a blister.

Enjoying the summer doesn’t mean ignoring your feet. Using the tips above can help you have a blister free summer. Have fun…and definitely don’t forget the sunscreen!

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